About Us

Maison V.L Carré de Soie was founded in 2014 by V.L Valérie Lesport, its president, designer and founder. The House began its collections in the Lyon workshops. Since 2015 she went to Italy in Como where she goes regularly to follow the different stages of the making of her collections.

V.L Carré de Soie

Combining its know-how with that of silks, La Maison V.L Carré de Soie is pleased to offer a high quality product entirely made in Italy. She chooses her silk, touches it, makes it squeal and creates her collections according to her desires and the inspiration she finds in what surrounds her with its floral, animal, automobile, golf, marine patterns, nature, travel, equestrian …

Maison VL Carré de Soie wishes the best for its accessories. Several sizes and shapes: pouches, newsboy, square, stole, twilly, scarves. Several materials: Silk twill in two thicknesses: 14 or 17 mommes, silk veil and cashmere. The hand trailer remains the perfect finish of the V.L silk carré.

Its growing success The Maison V.L Carré de Soie decides to personalize its existing models and create private and event collections.

The brand is now present in a number of prestigious places: palaces, renowned golf courses, automobile, watchmaking and exclusive events.

The V.L Carré de Soie house is very present in the automotive world for which she has a real passion. You will find it all year round with its collections that you can discover in various prestigious events.

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